Always Wear Your Crown Girl


A collection to raise money and awareness towards Domestic Violence.


I have partnered with the amazing @nathonkong to create these limited edition hand-finished silk scarves with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the women’s shelter i have done my last 4 murals in, the Maison Flora Tristan. 

This piece is called “Always wear your crown girl“.

It is part of my « Don’t Tell Me What To Wear, Sincerely, Women Everywhere. » series. This double portrait is made of half a naked Vandal, half a woman wearing a headscarf. Because we have had enough of people judging a woman’s worth, value and freedom only through their narrow perspective of what the woman is wearing. Meet her, talk to her. Don’t judge based on prejudice. A woman showing a lot of skin is not automatically a whore that needs sexual attention from you, neither is a woman wearing a headscarf necessary oppressed and in need of you saving her. 

So by buying this scarf, you not only wear art, but you help women that are taking the biggest decision of their lives : to stand for themselves and not let a man abuse them or their children anymore.

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Maison Flora Tristan is a shelter that exclusivity hosts women and their children, fleeing domestic violence. Establishments like these always struggle to find proper funding.

The MFT is the only resource in Quebec that offers offers emergency shelter and transitional housing (First and Second Stage) for abused women and their children seeking refuge from domestic violence. They offer a safe shelter and home for women and their kids from all cultural backgrounds and communities. Their workers speak 10 languages. Places like these are important and need to be known so women in need can actually know where to go. 


You can help by buying a dope limited edition suit or a silk scarf at


  • or send money directly to the shelter