Don't Tell Us What To Wear,
Women everywhere.


This is a stance against society's imposition of modesty on women.Whether it is too much or too little, it always falls upon women to adapt to the socialized idea of what is acceptable and respectable.

We’re in this together.


Whether it is that we are supposedly "too sexy" and somehow disturb men or boys with our outfits or really, with our bodies... or whether it is that we look"oppressed" because we decide to cover our hair... somehow it is theWomen's responsibility to change the way they look because of Men's reaction or actions.

These women i painted are my friends, and if there is one thing they are not, it's oppressed. They are smart, free, spiritual and powerful.This is not a stand "for" the hidjab. Neither are my Vandals a stand "for" everywoman to get naked and liberate herself the exact way i do.It is a stand for freedom.

It is a stand for making sure we let women choose the way they dress. Whether it is without a bra and a short dress, or with her hair covered up and the outfit that she feels comfortable in. I would NEVER stand for anyone or any society i live in to dictate what is acceptable for me to wear in order to make me a respectable woman

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