Fake Ads, Real Bullshit


Rana Plaza - 2013

The event.


The Passover Series

As i celebrate Passover, it is core to me to be thankful for my freedom and my life.
As a jew on my father's side, i always remember that we are refugee people and the Exodus is our core narrative. As the granddaughter of Protestant religious refugees and Anarchist Italian immigrants fleeing extreme poverty on my mother's side, i must be thankful for the courage of my ancestors. 
On this last day of Passover, as we tell the story of our ancestors fleeing slavery for the very vague promise of a better life and religious freedom, it is impossible not to see the parallel with today's catastrophic and heartbreaking refugee crisis... With the thousands of families crossing the sea and risking drowning just for the chance of maybe surviving... with the thousands of families stuck in camps, living under unbearable conditions just for the hope of a future for their children. With the thousands of families fleeing death, rape and religious persecution in the Middle East... Our world is not doing well my friends. 
Let us give thanks for the absolute privilege we share having a safe place to call home, with food freedom of speech and health.
Hag Sameach.

April 2016.

(all pictures were taken from news sites. I don't own any of them)


Remember that 2014 Chanel runway show that happened in a fake  supermarket? it was deeply disturbing. 

(images from People of Walmart)