An Art Film written and directed by MissMe, produced by the National Film Board of Canada

Oppression can be definitions. Narrow and stuck.

They injure when imposed, instead of being a reflection of us.


"Man up."

"Be a proper woman."

Can a man be his own muse ?

Can a lady be her own trophy ?


"…i want her lips, i want her booty…"

Stop telling me that my physical beauty is my best asset

in this society.

Stop trying to convincing me that i can « improve »

my anatomy.

We are viewed as a collection of separate body-parts…

And then we dissect our value in collections of comparisons.


Why do we accept and expect anger

but call your sensitivity ridicule?


Why is my nipple’s presence socially still

more offensive than violence?


Is a woman everything a man isn’t ?

Are boys everything girls can’t be ?


This is not a revolution. We are not new.

I don’t need to change YOU in order to be ME.


Diversity is not the opposite of Unity.


Who defines who ?

Who defines You ?