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Lady LIEberty

Je me souviens. 1492. The Statue of LIEberty. 
This may seem like a visual contradiction. But i argue it doesn't have to be. 
I am not trying to criticize the "idea" of freedom and the importance and validity of what the Statue of Liberty represents, all i am trying to say, it that by ignoring, like it is mostly done, in schools, in medias, the massacres and cultural genocide all these beautiful ideas are built on historically, it weakens the strength and validity of this symbol. 
Because even in 2016, both in the USA and Canada, our First Nations are still being oppressed by the system and by silence. 
How is it possible that 2/3 of all First Nation communities in Canada have been under at least one drinking water advisory in the last decade? Some communities for over 20years?? Aren't we THE Nation of water?? Why is it that nearly one quarter of Canada's First Nations adults reported contemplating suicide at some point in their life? And we all know the recent states of emergencies that have been occurring due to an "epidemic" of suicides among young teenagers in a few of our provinces... Why are native-american women disappearing in huge numbers and nobody in the governments seems to care enough to figure out what is going on? 
The Canadian and American History books need to get updated. This Continent's History DIDN'T start with fucking Columbus. We need to be tough the History of all First Nations as History. As we live here. And they were here first. They have so much to TEACH us. 
And we should not feel ok until these systemic racists problems get solved. 
We need to listen more, as a Nation.

Accepting the Truth of Native-Americans doesn't take away the the Truth this statue stands for.

Silent night, Holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin,
mother and child
Holy infant, tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace.

The Story of a Refugee Family from the Middle East.

Because the Virgin Mary looked a lot more like your friend Fatima than your girl Stephanie. Dare to be empathic, dare to see the Other as Yourself. In this time of great human crisis, when we see Refugees, let's love not fear.