A little while ago I received an email from a young girl asking me to please consider coming to paint at her boarding school. The letter was so sweet, so honest, so touching, I could only say yes.
And so i went. The house turned out to be a boarding house for girls only, some as young as 13 - the majority of them from other cultures or countries.) These girls were such nice kids. The school struck me with it's traditional campus look and beautiful old buildings. I spent 3 days there. Ate with them and hung out at their house. The thing that I found the most foreign to me was a number of STRICT rules there are, about pretty much everything they do. I guess there are reasons for them, that is not for me to say.

We spoke a lot. I learned that the project was all theirs. Their idea. Their convincing the school. That they had been doing fundraising for it since October!!

They also told me how hard it was at first. To be far. To adapt to such a strict new culture. How lonely it sometimes got when they felt they didn't fit. The room i painted is a room that is going to be dedicated to the girls only. A room for them to "escape" their strict lives at the school. Where they can be loud or quiet. A place where curse words are not forbidden. A place where they don't have to wear their uniforms and ties.

Organic. Free. Beautiful with all the colors of our minds, not just the color of the school, purple (note that there is almost NO purple in the pieces)...


A House of Queens.


Teach girls to become the Queens of their own Worlds. Rule your imagination with beauty and positivity. Feed your inner reflection like your best friend.