Marie-Josephe Angelique 


Montreal is turning 375 this year. And i believe we should celebrate this city we love and live in. Now, like all cities, Montreal doesn't only have beautiful good things that makes up who we are as a society today. It's normal. What i don't find healthy tho, is pretending that we have nothing messed up in our past. 'Coz we do. Like the 200 years of this city's history where it was legal to OWN people. You know : slavery. Yup. Now even if it was never to the extent of our southern neighbors, it's still a fucked up part of our past. 
This is Marie-Josephe Angelique, a Montréal slave woman that got accused of running away from her "mistress'" house and burning down part of the city with her white lover. They hung her in public in 1734. She always denied setting the fire and never, even under torture, gave her man's name out. She was the definition of Oppression. Yet she managed to run away and always keep her dignity, even when the the entire world told her she was nothing. To call this woman strong is a euphemism. Angelique, i salute you and your courage. Angelique, i look up to you. 
1734, je me souviens.