That saturday i spent my entire day putting up some Great Women in a women’s shelter where great women work and live. As a small thanks from me to these warriors that are at the forefront of our fight for respect and equality. To bring a smile and strength to women that define courage in the face of domestic violence. To these shelters that are there for these women and their families, even in the middle of the night, when the entire world seems absent. I did 4 murals in the « heart » of this home, the staircase where all families and workers go through everyday. This passage that is one that should symbolize growth and trust in the power of women. 


Chloe is the head of the Maison Flora Tristan where i decided to do 4 murals. Houses like these, shelters for women fleeing the violence of a partner, husband of family, are welcomed there, with their kids, and protected and healed through sisterhood and workers like this woman. Her and her team are at the forefront of all the fights we fight, at the dangerous and very real frontline of that war for respect, dignity and equity. She has been working in this world for the past 20years and says that, unfortunately, shelters like hers are still just as full as 20 years ago... domestic violence is alive and well.. and even though we have managed to SLIGHTLY lessen the absolute silence and shame around it, the silence perdures.. as our society and politicians don’t like to focus on such things... but i say a society is only doing as well as the way it deals with their most oppressed and ignored populations... so Chloe, dear warrior queen, i salute you.